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Wood Panel

Wood Panel sector

Mion&Mosole is present on the global marketplace with utmost professionalism and expertise acquired over the years, developing extraction and filtering systems for the major manufacturers and processing companies of MDF, HDF, PB boards and plywood. Mion&Mosole offers the most professional and advanced technical solutions designed to satisfy the end customer’s precise needs.

Developing extraction and filtering systems

The entire wood-based panel manufacturing process is characterized by a precise sequence of highly productive and efficient ‘processing’ stages, necessarily requiring a precision-sized, functional suctioning system combined with the possibility of effectively collecting the particles for the purpose of energy saving.

We provide functional conveying, storing, adjustable metering, and pneumatic extraction solutions including HP conveying, dust and sawdust filtering applications, covering the entire stages of the panel production process starting from the rigorous selection and processing of raw materials.

Mion&Mosole is at the customer’s complete disposal in terms of project planning and management, offering a fully competent and reliable service that does not end with plant commissioning but continues with a specific, customized program regarding after-sales service.



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