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Ecological and Recycling

Settore Ecologia e Riciclaggio

The production process resulting from the processing and separating of different types of materials requires plants that are able to collect and to dispose the dust that is generated during the various stages.

Mion&Mosole systems are equipped with special technical features resulting from decades of experience and can thus be perfectly integrated with the recycling production process, guaranteeing every user the efficiency and operating performance required.


The process of treating waste that can be turned into fuel (WDF) involves the continuous handling and processing of said waste and the consequent emission of fine dust and odours into the surrounding environment. That is why this process necessarily calls for integration with adequate filtering and deodorizing systems.

Special focus is placed on the chemical aggressiveness of the air, which is suctioned using the material most appropriate for the application (stainless steel, aluminium, polypropylene (PP).

Glass industry

Glass manufacturing involves the use of highly abrasive materials. This sector therefore strictly requires systems that are expertly build in order to cater to its specific requirements. Mion&Mosole systems are all extremely sturdy, long-wearing, and very easy to maintain. The systems provide avant-garde solutions resulting from the expertise Mion&Mosole has acquired over the years through in-depth research and development as well as through on-site operations.

Plastics and similar

The production and transformation processes involve plastic materials of various forms such as granules, powder or flakes.

Mion&Mosole designs and builds specific systems for this sector, proposing products and solutions that are able to satisfy the needs of every particular type of plastic involved in the process.


The dust involved in the chemical–fertilizer industry is wet, solidifiable and corrosive, and thus very hazardous to the health of persons and the environment.

The challenge for Mion&Mosole in this sector was that of designing and building reliable systems which could efficiently and safely treat this type of dust.

The technical solutions proposed ensure that each system is designed and built to cater to the specific requirements of every user.



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