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Machine for reducing the size of wood waste.

Always a guarantee

We distinguish ourselves by reliability and longevity.
Each shredder, has obvious and invisible potentials.
Obvious are the machine’s sturdy structure, powerful cutting unit, and the latest generation software with remote management. Invisible, but always recognizable, is the overall performance of the machine, which stems from the innovative power, problem-solving expertise and experience of our team.


Robust waste reduction system

Low maintenance costs

High quality hydraulic components

Hopper to collect waste for crushing

Crushed waste can be reused as biomass


Whether shredding hardwood waste or veneers, our reliable shredding machines guarantee efficient and cost-effective shredding. Focusing on key points, we offer customised solutions for shredding systems in the following sectors: wood, plastics, polyurethane, paper and cardboard.

Areas of application

Quality features

Which give these machines the typical reliability
appreciated worldwide by our customers.

Tailored to every need

Each machine can be customized with different options

I dettagli che fanno la differenza


The operation

A few steps to achieve an excellent result

Step 1

Carico mediante carrello elevatore della piattaforma di alimentazione del trituratore Mion&Mosole

Step 2

Lifting materials and
grinding in the shredder

Step 3

Product evacuation at the outlet
after size reduction treatment of MM TR1-L

Mion&Mosole is endowed with a team of experts capable of analysing your needs and finding the solution that perfectly responds to them.

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